TV360 News Now – September 2nd, 2021



One thought on “TV360 News Now – September 2nd, 2021

  1. ajiukawu

    Goodmornig leadies and real men ,why white men and women used our able men and women to distroy our people ,can’t we understand we are able than them,thy vow to to put confusion in us so that they always take advantage in our goodGodgiving place thy claim to be wiser than us that why they introduce white and black white is for wise black is for blind did we come across the letter of king leorpard second king of Belgium letter to the missionaries to the Niger were they expose they secret and how they enslave us to everlasting where we fall is Jesus please understand me well this people haved kill us and pretend holy why they evil please let come together for our problem anytime we come together this devil white people will run away from us ,we are only set that can bring salvation to humankind


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