Trump hosts Israel, Bahrain, UAE Peace Ceremony


The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will normalize relations with Israel on Tuesday at a peace ceremony organised by US President Donald Trump.

The ceremony scheduled to hold on the White House South lawn will have in attendance Isreali Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alongside foreign ministers of Bahrain and the UAE.

Hundreds of people are invited to attend and a symbolic handshake between the Arab representatives and Netanyahu is not ruled out, a senior Trump administrator told reporters.

This will make it the first time Israel and the Arab nations have instituted relations since Jordan in 1994 and Egypt in 1979 and is expected to redraw the Middle East’s diplomatic map – and boost the Republican’s re-election hopes.

The Peace deal tagged the Abraham Accords marks a distinct shift in a decades-old status quo where Arab countries have tried to maintain unity against Israel over its treatment of the stateless Palestinians.

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