Tonne Of Cocaine Discovered In Car Shipments From Brazil


Senegal’s customs service says they discovered over a tonne of cocaine in the past week.

They said the cocaine was discovered overnight inside 15 cars that the ship, which anchored at port in the capital Dakar, was transporting, after 238 kg of cocaine smuggled from Brazil in a similar manner through Dakar’s port last Wednesday.

This came just days after another 238 kg was found in a separate car shipment — also from Brazil, in the same port.

Investigations are continuing, said the customs service, without specifying the street value of the cocaine seized.

At least 15 Senegalese people have been arrested, according to local media.

Cocaine is regularly found at the port and international airport of Dakar — one of West Africa’s main transit points for passengers and merchandise.

Senegal’s largest seizure came in 2007, when authorities seized almost 2.5 tonnes of cocaine worth more than $300 million.

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