TikTok race to avoid another ban in India


After a second run-in with officials in three months,one of China’s biggest social media company is scrambling to safeguard its business in India

ByteDance owner of extremely famous video sharing app Tik Tok, will setup a data center and implement measures to provide security for its customers in the country. With over 200 million subscribers, India is one of Tik Tok biggets markets.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has pressured several global tech giants to keep data on Indian users within India, citing a need to protect citizens and give Indian law enforcement authorities easier access to the information.

Companies like Google and Facebook as well as the US government, have criticized the proposed regulations, saying it will be tough for foreign companies to do business and might hurt India’s digital economy.

But ByteDance, which will invest $1 billion in India over the next three years, is ready to comply.

In the latest months, Tik Tok and another of the company app, Helo, have been banned due to the exposure of children to other inappropriate content.

India is not the only nation where TikTok has faced regulatory problems. The U.S. Federal Commission in February struck it with a fine of $5.7 million for accumulating information on underage kids.

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