Hello, beloved Soliloquy readers, how are you doing today? Happy new month to each and every one of you, awesome Soliloquy readers. Are you aware that the year is fast, not gradually coming to an end? So, how far have you been able to achieve this year’s goals, aspirations, ambitions, dreams, targets and resolutions?

This article is directed to every girl and young woman out there. If you are six, seven,eight, nine down to twenty _ five years of age. This is for you. So, what are your plans, dreams, ambitions, aspirations, resolutions and targets?

Long gone are those days, when goals and  resoultions were reserved for the elderly. Hello girl, Joseph had his first dream,as a youth and God told Samuel what he intended to do to Eli’s house, when he was only a youth.So, dream away! Do you have a passion for painting? Get busy immediately, inform the Arts teacher in your school. Are you good at debating? Please join the Literary and Debating Society in your school and then volunteer to represent your school in debating competitions. Mind you winning is not the main point here. The exposure you would get is what matters the most. Oh! you are a songbird! What are you waiting for? Do join the school and church choir, from there you would proceed to numerous music competitions courtesy your school and church. What about cooking, sculpting, coding, barbing, make up, baking, writing, being a better mother, wife, being a role model to the younger generation or you have resolved that you would learn how to a car this year, go for it girl.

Dear young ladies, get so busy pursuing your dreams,goals and ambitions that you would have no time to abuse time. Do not talk yourself down and do not listen to anyone who tells you that you cannot do it. Always remember that people who are not going anywhere, do not want others to go anywhere.

I have come to realize that in this life that we are in, we should endeavour to live our lives to the fullest ,so, that so many years down the line, we do not regret not living our passion and fulfilling our dreams. Believe in yourself, dear girl.  There is no skill that you acquire now  that is useless, like they say, knowledge is power. We must keep reinventing ourselves. Please borrow a leaf from the late Lanre Fassasi aka Sound Sultan, who was a notable musician, before we could say Jack Robinson, he delved into acting and he was hot cake in the comedy sit_com: Pa Benji, he didn’t stop there, he was also into basketball. He sure lived his life to the fullest. May his active soul rest in peace. Amen.

My dear girl, you are so gifted,  so talented, so amazing that you do not need anyone to make you feel good. Get your note pad this minute and itemize carefully all your aspirations, then pray fervently over them. Then, as you achieve any one of them, you cross it out. This will help keep you focused always and also make you live a purposeful life. So, go for it girl, for the  sky is your starting point. I wish you the best of life. Cheers!


Jane Ikegulu is an observer of children, young people and the family. She is a teacher, writer, mother and a voice over artiste.


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