Every new year is a new beginning, a new way of doing things for the best; new horizons and new promises breath of fresh air and renewed hope.

Thank goodness, 2020 is over for good! It is gone forever, never to resurface. 2021 is here! We look to God to make this year a better one devoid of all the brouhaha of 2020.

2021, you are welcome in our midst. Do not be like your sibling in 2020. Endeavour to bring Favour to each and every one of us. Let there be abundant food and enough money in circulation. Thankfully, our borders have been reopened. Hopefully, it will usher in abundance and prosperity.

2021, work hand in hand with God Almighty. Do not allow anyone or any situation to manipulate you in any way whatsoever. No scourge, epidemic or pandemic must be found or associated with you.

2021, encourage our Nigerian leaders to be wise, people-oriented and not selfish. Guide them to churn out policies that are favourable to the citizens of Nigeria. See to it that Nigeria moves from being a monolithic economy this year; for we cannot continue to over-depend on only oil production. It is nothing but suicidal.

Hello 2021, your sibling brought a lot of political instability, mistrust, fear and untold hardship not only in Nigeria but all over the world. You must be aware that all the world notable individuals die from complications of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Here in Nigeria alone, we had our fair share of deaths. We even lost so many others to brief illnesses and unfortunately starvation.

Sadly enough, our youths were massacred on the 20th of October, 2020 at Lekki Toll Gate; unarmed youths were peacefully protesting the brutality of SARS. Even an untold number of rice farmers were slaughtered by elements who want Nigerians to starve to death. You must recognize the supremacy of Almighty God to heal Nigeria and revitalise our economy, boost our agricultural sector, our educational sector, our health sector, our security and our judicial system.

2021, embrace peace, love and justice. See to it that all tribes, groups and associations come together for the common good of every Nigerian. The slogan ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword ‘ should sound loudest this year; thereby, making Nigeria a safe place to live in.

The girl child, as well as the boy child, should be properly trained, loved and guided to be successful individuals and godly spouses in future. Enough of spousal murders, enough of saturating Nigeria and the world with parent-less children.

2021, see to it that you begin gloriously and end wonderfully. Put smiles on our faces for good, not suffering and smiling. We believe in you in 2021, you are welcome in our midst.  Happy New Year awesome people!

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