Thai police say murdered Nigerian and lover may have links to drug smugglers


The police in Thailand have concluded that a Nigerian man and a Vietnamese woman recently found buried in the Chok Chai district of the Asian nation were lovers, and their deaths may be linked to transnational crystal methamphetamine trafficking.

According to a report published by local media, the ‘Bangkok Post’, Thailand’s deputy national police chief, Pol Gen Suchart Teerasawat reported the dead couple, a 33-year-old Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Thi Van,  Anabon Chika, a 38-year-old man from Nigeria. were identified with the help of serial numbers on the woman’s silicone breast implants and the man’s fingerprints.

Teerasawat also disclosed that accounts given by relatives of the victims pointed to them being lovers,

The report revealed information exchanged with neighbouring Vietnam suggested the murdered couple might have been linked to a major crystal methamphetamine trafficking gang, as the house where they resided in Vietnam was a suspected transit point on a known smuggling route.

However, investigators remained uncertain whether international traffickers were directly involved in their murder.

On the evening of July 28, a mushroom collector found the two bodies after noticing a fresh pile of earth covered with branches in a community forest. When exhumed, their bodies were naked and each covered with a thin layer of concrete.

Investigators also found spent cartridges and bullets less than two metres from the makeshift grave site.

Police had been contacted by an elder brother, who initially confirmed the victim’s identity from photos and dental records.

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