Syrian Military Resumes Operations Against Rebels in Idlib


The Syrian army has announced plans to resume military operations against rebels in Idlib, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

The state news agency made the announcement just a few days after a truce was arranged during talks in Kazakhstan. The truce followed weeks of deadly air raids by the Syrian government and its allies in the country’s last remaining rebel-held area.

“Armed terrorist groups, backed by Turkey, refused to abide by the ceasefire and launched many attacks on civilians in surrounding areas,” SANA quoted the army.

“The armed forces will resume their military operations against terrorists,” it said.

Backed by Russia, the Syrian government’s months-long campaign in the northwest has caused hundreds of people losing their lives and uprooted tens of thousands of others.

About three million people reside in the region and nearly half of them already displaced from other parts of the war-ravaged country.


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