Sudan opposition rejects Immunity for Generals


Sudan opposition group has refused their generals  ‘’Abosulute Immunity’’ against prosecution for violence against demonstrators.

“We refuse absolute immunity that the military rulers have asked for,” Ismail al-Taj, a spokesman for the Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) protest group told reporters. The SPA is the key protest group in the wider movement known as the Alliance for Freedom and Change.

He said this just before the ruling generals and protest leaders sat down to fine-tune the landmark deal agreed earlier this month after mediation by African Union and Ethiopian mediators.

The deal, which is not yet formally signed, is set to establish a transitional governing body to install a civilian administration

Taj said that the military council have been ruling since the ouster in April of veteran president Omar al-Bashir, and their demand for ‘’Absolute Immunity’’ from prosecution was not included in the landmark deal.

He said he expected “a breakthrough” to emerge from the discussions on Tuesday.

Protest leader Ahmed al-Rabie also said “When we agreed on the draft agreement this was not there,” “We totally reject it,” Rabie said, confirming the latest request by the ruling generals.

The army ousted Bashir on April 11 after weeks of nationwide protests against his rule, and after thousands of protesters camped outside the military headquarters in central Khartoum.

Protesters continued with their sit-in demanding that the generals themselves step down.

However, the military violently dispersed the protesters outside the army headquaters on June 3, just before dawn.

The military council insists it did not order the raid, which according to the protest movement killed more than 100 people and left hundreds wounded.

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