Sudan junta calls for resumption of transition talks


Head of Sudan’s ruling military council has revealed that it is ready to negotiate with opposition alliance towards the country’s transition.

The offer of fresh negotiations come after earlier talks collapsed following the deadly dispersal of a sit-in protest.

“We are ready to continue negotiations with the Declaration of Freedom and Change Forces,” Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan said. “We do not deny its role in the uprising or in the popular revolution, their leadership of the masses.”

Talks between the military council and the DFCF alliance had stalled before collapsing altogether when security forces stormed a protest camp outside the Defence Ministry on June 3, killing dozens.

Burhan said the alliance should return to talks without preconditions.

“The solution must be satisfactory for all the Sudanese people,” he said. “We pledge to you and pledge to the people that we will not accept any solution that excludes any faction of the Sudanese people.”

Both sides have been wrangling for weeks over who would control a sovereign council to lead Sudan to elections.

The opposition had called for an international inquiry to be opened into the sit-in dispersal before they would rejoin talks.

There have been no direct talks since the dispersal, but Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and the African Union have been trying to broker peace between the sides.


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