Spain rescues almost 200 migrants in the Mediterranean


No fewer than 200 migrants have been rescued while attempting to cross from North Africa to Spain on Monday.

According to the Spanish maritime rescue service, 73 people on Monday were rescued from three boats in the Strait of Gibraltar, among them 10 minors.

Another 110 people were rescued from five boats in the Alboran Sea, the majority of whom will be taken to the port city of Malaga.

This brings the total number of people rescued in the Western Mediterranean to nearly 400 in less than one week.

Data from the Spanish Interior Ministry shows that arrivals to the European country so far this year by mid-August were a little over 18,000.

Last Friday, at least 155 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa crossed the border fence separating the Spanish overseas enclave of Ceuta from Morocco. It was the biggest attempt to cross the heavily guarded barrier in a year.


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