Coronavirus: Spain confirms 1,500 cases in one day


Over 1,500 new cases of coronavirus has been confirmed in Spain between Friday and Saturday.

This development raises the total cases in the European country to 5,753, the second-highest number in Europe after Italy.

The country was expected to declare a state of alert on Saturday to try to mobilize resources to combat the virus, which has so far killed 136 people in Spain.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez was due to speak at a cabinet meeting at 1300 GMT to announce the state of alert and new measures expected to limit the movement of people.

On Friday said the government would adopt a series of extraordinary measures in order “to mobilise all the resources of the state to better protect the health of all of its citizens”.

The number of cases in Spain has increased tenfold since Sunday, and bars, restaurants and all sporting and cultural institutions have been closed.

The Madrid region, which is the country’s worst-hit with nearly 3,000 cases, has ordered the closure of all non-essential businesses.



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