Sex Crimes: Fresh charges filed against R. Kelly


R.Kelly might face more jail time as two fresh charges have been filed against him.

TMZ reports that a young lady accused the music star of sexually assaulting her during a concert in 2001 when she was 17 years old.

Hennepin County Attorney, Mike Freeman says the alleged victim initially approached Kelly for his autograph and claims the artist paid her $200 to get naked and engage in sexual acts with him.

Kelly is been charged by the Prosecutors for two sex crimes which include, engaging in prostitution with a minor, and offering to hire someone for sexual contact.

Despite that, Kelly’s lawyer, Douglas Anton opposes as he says there was no sexual intercourse between Kelly and the alleged victim, but he claims there was dancing and sexual contact.”

The allegations came just after Kelly was arrested by the police for federal sex crime charges. He has remained in police custody since his arrest.

Although R. Kelly pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn federal court on Friday, August 2, 2019, to charges of racketeering and transporting women and girls for sex, the Magistrate Judge Steven Tiscione denied the singer bail, finding that he won’t comply with conditions of his release.

Tiscione said, “The defendant is accused of a multitude of crimes. They’re not minor charges,” the judge added, “I’m extremely troubled by the issues of potential obstruction in prior cases.”

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