Senate shut motion to scrutinize Buhari’s Democracy Day speech


Lawmakers at the 9th National Assembly have thrown out a motion to debate President Muhammadu Buhari’s Democracy Day speech in plenary.

Quoting Order 52 of the Senate standing order, Istifanus Gyang, Plateau-PDP, had asked for leave to present a motion to scrutinize the speech.

“The matter of urgent national importance I am bringing before this Senate has to do with the democracy day speech of President Muhammadu Buhari of the 12th June 2019. This speech is already in the public domain. I am asking that in view of the interest it has generated…,” he said.

But he was interrupted by the new Senate President, Ahmed Lawan who asked to seek the consent of other senators to entertain the motion.
After putting the question, the majority of the lawmakers voted against the motion and it was consequently rejected.

TV360 Nigeria had reported that President Buhari’s delivered a speech on June 12, at Eagles Square, where he addressed Nigerians and made promises for the next four years.

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