Saudi Arabia sends reinforcements to Aden


Saudi Arabia has sent two planeloads of troops and armoured vehicles to Aden.

The military aircraft landed at the southern port city’s airport on Monday amid tight security by Saudi forces already stationed there.

They are believed to be securing it as a prelude to the return of the Riyadh-based internationally-recognized Yemeni government.

The development follows similar reports earlier this month citing local sources that three Saudi military convoys arrived at a coalition base in Al-Buraiqah district in Aden.

The Saudis have renewed calls for the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) to attend discussions surrounding the power-sharing Riyadh Agreement signed in 2019.

The STC currently controls large swathes of southern territory where its forces have frequently clashed with Saudi-backed militias.

Both sides accuse the other of reneging on the agreement. Last weekend, a demonstration in Hadhramout called on northern forces to leave the south and relocate to the front lines against the Houthi-aligned Yemen army.

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