Rwandan genocide suspect appears before French court


Rwandan genocide suspect, Felicien Kabuga, indicted on charges related to the 1994 Rwandan genocide appeared before a French court on Wednesday, four days after his arrest following more than 20 years on the run.

He was arrested on Saturday after years of living under a false name near Paris.

In his first appearance in public in over two decades, Kabuga was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair.

The 84-year-old is accused of bankrolling and arming the ethnic Hutu militias that waged the 100-day killing spree that killed some 800,000 Tutsi and moderate Hutus in the East African country.

He was indicted in 1997 on seven criminal counts including genocide and incitement to commit genocide.

According to Rwandan prosecutors, Kabuga used his companies to import machetes and gardening tools knowing they would be used as weapons for the violence.

He is believed to have established the notorious Interahamwe Hutu ethnic militia and provided training and equipment used in the massacres.

Kabuga also co-owned Radio Television Milles Collines, whose radio station broadcast messages that fanned the ethnic hatred against the Tutsis.

The court is to decide whether to transfer Kabuga for trial to a United Nations war crimes tribunal.

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