#RevolutionNow: Again, Police disperse protesters in Abuja


The Department of State Services, Nigerian Police Force, and the Army have again dispersed the #RevolutionNow protesters in Abuja.

The armed forces reportedly dispersed both protesters and reporters from the scene of the demonstration.

A member of the group, Pelumi Olajegbensi who led the protest called for a change in government, insisting there is need for political revolution.

He accused the Federal Government of failing to protect Nigerians, citing insecurity, growing unemployment amongst other issues.

“There is a need for us as young people who are interested in the future of this country to raise our voices so we can be heard.

“Nigeria is currently in a state of emergency, our country has been reduced to a state of surrender; we cannot continue like this.

“Today, we are concerned as young people that a lot of our youths graduate from tertiary institutions and are unemployed because there is no job for them, this has increased the rate of crime in the country.

“Our demand today is for a conscious political revolution, a need for change in leadership”, he stressed.

Olajegbensi also called for a revamp in various sectors of the economy.

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