Putin to announce annexation of Ukrainian regions – UK


Vladimir Putin is likely to announce the annexation of occupied regions of Ukraine into Russia within days, the UK’s defence ministry says

The Russian president could make the announcement when he addresses the country’s parliament on Friday, according to the ministry

It comes after a final day of voting in Russia’s discredited referendums in occupied regions of Ukraine

Russia says preliminary results from those citizens from the four regions now in Russia show they overwhelmingly back joining Russia

But Ukraine and the West say the result has already been decided by the Kremlin and will be used as an excuse for an illegal land grab

Meanwhile, two leaks have been found on the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in Swedish and Danish waters, Sweden’s maritime authority says, a day after a similar leak was found in its sister pipeline

And the Kremlin has admitted mistakes were made in its drive to mobilise Russian army reservists, amid growing public opposition

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