Prepare for over 200 days of rain, Lagos govt. tells residents


Lagos State is expected to witness between 240 to 270 days of rainfall in 2020, Commissioner for Environment, Tunji Bello has announced.

At a press briefing on the Year 2020 Seasonal Rainfall Predictions and prevention of flooding in the State on Tuesday, Bello asked residents to prepare for the rainy season.

He says the maximum annual rainfall is predicted to be 1,750mm.

Referencing a report obtained from the Nigerian Meteorological services (NIMET), Bello said the earliest predicted onset of the rainy season is 17th March.

He added that the rain is expected to cease earliest by 22 Nov in Surulere with other areas following after.

The commissioner also stressed that residents staying at coastal areas will witness flash-floods which he describes as ‘natural’.

He, however, added that it will disappear in a matter of time if the drains are clean.

“As long as the drains are clean, we should be assured that, in a matter of time, the flash flood will disappear.

“It must be noted that anytime the Lagoon level rises, it may “lock-up” the discharge points drainage channels and until it recedes, there will be no discharge. Occurrences like these also cause backflows, resulting in flooding”, he emphasised.

Following this, he charged persons residing along flood plains, coastal and low-lying wetland areas near major rivers to always be on the alert and be ready to relocate when the need arises.

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