Pregnant teen dies after falling off US Border wall


A 19-year-old pregnant migrant from Guatemala has died while attempting to climb over the US-Mexico border wall, US and Guatemalan officials say.

A statement from Guatemala’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reported that the woman, Miriam Estefany Giron Luna, fell on her back from the top of an 18-foot-high (5.5-metre) span of steel mesh fencing while trying to cross. She was travelling with a 26-year-old man believed to be her partner and the baby’s father.

Giron Luna, who was 30 weeks pregnant, died from her injuries on Tuesday.

According to the statement, she was taken to hospital with a cerebral haemorrhage, liver and kidney lacerations and a pelvis fracture. Doctors tried to deliver the baby by emergency C-section without success.

President Donald Trump has made the fight against illegal migration to the US a major policy issue and has taken measures to deter entry across the border from Mexico, including plans for a border wall.

Tekandi Paniagua, a Guatemalan consular official based in the state of Texas, told the Washington Post that these new restrictions have been causing asylum seekers to take more risks.

Paniagua noted that since October, at least five other Guatemalans have suffered broken bones and other serious injuries after falling from the border wall.

Tens of thousands of people from Guatemala and neighbouring El Salvador and Honduras have tried to enter the US in recent years with many saying they are facing violence and poverty.


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