Pope Francis tests negative to coronavirus  


Pope Francis has tested negative to the coronavirus, after suffering from a cold, Italian media announced on Tuesday, as Italy battles Europe’s worst outbreak. 

This weekend, the pope cancelled a Lent retreat for the first time in his papacy, after axing all public meetings at the end of last week over the cold. 

The 83-year-old pontiff has been seen coughing and blowing his nose, but the Vatican on Sunday quickly shot down speculation that the pope himself had come down with the virus 

The Messaggero report did not say when Francis had been tested for the disease. 

Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni did not respond to a request for comment on the report in the Messaggero newspaper. 

The coronavirus also called COVID-19 which originated from Wuhan, China late last year has spread to over 60 countries and have infected over 80, ooo people across the world and over 3,o00 people have died from the virus. 

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