Pochettino Like a father to me –Arteta

Arsenal coach Mikel Arteta has hailed Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino as a father figure for him.

He made this known before of Arsenal’s London derby versus Chelsea tonight.

In an interview with TribalFootball, Arteta revealed that Pochettino took him under his arm and gave him invaluable guidance.

“For sure.

“One of the most, I would say. I was 17 or 18 years old in Paris, I was thrown into Paris and it was in January, I think, with no experience of professional football and he doesn’t like me saying it, but he was like a father to me.

“He took me under his arm, he gave me incredible advice, he really helped me, he inspired me and I learned so much from our two years there together and, from there, we maintained that relationship.

“I knew he was going to be a coach, I admire him a lot for what he’s done in his career and he’s always someone that I look to because he was really impactful for me probably at the most important stage of my professional career.

“It was the beginning and it was one as a role model that I could not pick anybody better than him.”

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