Peru’s President Merino resigns


Less than one week after assuming the office of the presidency, Manuel Merino has stepped down as interim president of Peru.

The move caps a week of political turmoil that has embroiled the country since former President Martín Vizcarra was removed by legislators in an impeachment procedure over bribery allegations by legislators last week. The ex-president denies the allegations.

Merino, former speaker of Congress, took Vizcarra’s place on Tuesday but faced immediate opposition from Peruvians who refused to recognize his authority.

Politicians thereafter called for Merino’s resignation after a violent crackdown on demonstrations against him.

Twelve ministers from his recently appointed cabinet resigned earlier on Sunday in protest against police brutality and his handling of the crisis.

Two students were killed in the protests as police reportedly fired tear gas and shotgun pellets to repel demonstrators

The next president will be the country’s fifth in five years.

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