Peace Corps Makes Rallying Call For Universal Harmony


The National Unity and Peace Corps has regarded any act of Racism as an ill wind which does no people any good.

This comes just as the Corps joined the rest of the world in commemoration of the 2022 United Nations’ International Day of Peace Celebration.

Speaking on the theme, “End Racism, Build Peace”, the Commandant General of the Outfit, Dr. Chinedu Nneji warned of the inherent dangers in the senseless tussle for supremacy and recognition which holds sway across the country.

“Racism in any way one views it, is dehumanizing and evil! It transcends colour, as it also affects religion, cultural practices, gender etc.

” A situation where one race, culture, religion, tribe, etc sees itself as being superior to the other should be unequivocally condemned.”

“Now that this World body has seen the danger inherent in it, means its extinction is long overdue. The implication of these senseless rivalries and competitions brings nothing but avoidable and unnecessary conflicts.”

He called for a concerted effort aimed at the elimination or betterstill reduction to its barest minimum all forms of racism and avoidable conflicts.

“Let us all put our best to eschew this racism but rather build, pursue, cultivate, nurture, and propagate peace. The implication of a peaceful and cordial environment or society cannot be over emphasized, as most of the existing conflicts in the world are traceable to some persons feeling rightly or wrongly that they are better than the other.”

As part of the celebration, he announced the launch of several projects by the Corps to ensure that no Nigerian suffers deprivation or the like.

Some of the projects include:

Operation Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision. This is an obsolete culture which we should do away with as it infringes on the fundamental human rights of the girl child.

Operation back to school of over 20 million out- of-school children in Nigeria. This figure is embarrassing as a Nation and frantic efforts should be done to reduce it.

Operation Mediation on the lingering Industrial dispute between labour Organizations and Federal Government for Industrial harmony. We have what it takes to mediate between the Federal Government and trade union organizations.

Operation lay down your arms by non state actors and embrace peace. We have the manpower to handle this issue.

Operation Better Together in Unity and Peace. Nothing can be better than this and we are capable of making sure that it is achieved.

These proposed projects, he said, are not far from the theme for this year’s International Day of Peace Celebration, and called on every Nigerian to work collectively to end racism and build peace.

“Anyone suffering from any form of deprivation is suffering from one racism or the other. As we celebrate this international Day of Peace, let all our actions, inactions, attitudes, thoughts etc be channeled towards building peace in our country”, he charged.

With the bill establishing the Nigeria Peace Corps to enhance security and great job opportunities for the teeming Nigerrian youths fast gaining recognition for what it’s worth, the Commandant General passionately appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to kindly grant assent to the Peace Corps Bill as the National Assembly concludes its legislative process of concurrence from the House of Representatives and transmit the same to him.

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