PDP Governors Condemn Rising Cost of Living, Compare Nigeria’s Situation to Venezuela



The People’s Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDPGF) has raised alarm over the escalating cost of living in Nigeria, drawing parallels with the economic crisis in Venezuela under President Bola Tinubu’s leadership.


Speaking to reporters after a forum meeting held at the Oyo State Governor’s Lodge in Asokoro, Abuja, Bauchi State Governor and Chairman of the forum, Bala Mohammed, expressed grave concerns about the deteriorating economic situation in Nigeria.

He lamented the free fall of the naira and the soaring cost of living, stating that the nation is perilously close to following the path of Venezuela’s economic turmoil.


Governor Mohammed stressed that while the forum has collaborated closely with the federal government since the inception of President Tinubu’s administration, economic and monetary policies primarily fall under the federal government’s jurisdiction.

He emphasized the need for bipartisan efforts to alleviate the impact of these policies on Nigerians, highlighting initiatives to provide relief to citizens, such as opening food reserves.


Asserting the PDP’s commitment to constructive opposition, Governor Mohammed underscored the party’s democratic values and experience in governance. He reaffirmed the forum’s support for the PDP in the forthcoming Edo State Governorship Election, emphasizing unity and solidarity within the party.


During the forum meeting, participants reviewed the state of the nation and expressed concern over the hardships faced by Nigerians due to economic and security challenges.


In light of these developments, the PDP Governors’ Forum called for urgent measures to address the economic downturn and alleviate the suffering of Nigerians, emphasizing the need for proactive and inclusive governance to tackle the nation’s pressing issues.

Oluwatamilore Akinkuolie

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