Dearly beloved Soliloquy readers, how are you all doing today, in this Nigeria of ours? Have you noticed that no day passes by, in this country of ours without one absurd news or the other cropping up? At the moment, the gist on everyone’s lips is the Ebeano Supermarket, Abuja branch, that was totally burnt down by a nine year old girl.
    For some odd reason, it seems all is not well these days with the family front. Accept it or reject it, we parents are fast losing it, the children are now in charge, we have relinquished our responsibilities to the youngsters. Parental control has flown away and our children are now driving the parenting carriage. So, what do you expect?
   I saw the video in shock, at first, I thought it was one of those comedy skits of may be Mercy Johnson or Brain Jotter, no, Aloma Isaac Junior. Alas! Ladies and gentlemen, it wasn’t. This was real! A real life event that destroyed someone else’s investment worth billions of naira. My God! With this Buhari’s economy?
   Dear parents, what happened to rules and regulations? Children and youngsters must be given rules and regulations, which they must abide. This makes them law abiding citizens when they become adults. How could her mother or whoever she went there with, give her access to stroll around so freely ,as if she were in her school’s playground, without her been monitored? What if she had mistakenly broken an expensive item? What if she had lit herself instead of the supermarket?
   More puzzling was the inscription boldly written on her polo shirt ‘HERO’, this left me totally confused. Young lass, who did you save? You destroyed rather than save. Do you  understand the meaning of that word ‘HERO’? A hero brings joy to people because a hero risks his life to save others. Hello, was that what you did?
     Parents, the earlier we understand that parenting is not one sided; where only one of both parents does all the job of moulding, the better. Parenting calls for both parents. Extended family members also have a role to play. They should not turn their faces away when their nieces, nephews, cousins misbehave. Blood like, they say is thicker than water.  Correct the child in love, it will surprise you to know that most of these  children never  meant any harm but were only playing pranks.
   Currently, the craze and chase for money has tremendously increased, as the economy has grown suckers. So, every parent is out there, working harder than ever to put food on the table, pay school fees, settle oga landlord, recharge prepaid metre, pay off for vacation, the list is endless. Nevertheless, parents,do remember the reason for all the struggle, the children. I wonder how the parents of our  ‘HERO’ feel right now.
   Every parent out there should know that you cannot do this parenting job alone. Take the children one after the other to their creator; God Almighty. After all, he created them. Ask him for help and also tell him to instill the right spirit in them. My dear parents, that is the only way we can be sane, get into partnership with the one who created them, he has their manual.
 May God continue to have mercy on us_ parents so that none of our children will bring shame on in Jesus name, Amen.
 Wish you the best of parenting!
Jane Ikegulu is a passionate observer and writer of issues concerning children and family. She is a teacher, a mother and a voice over artiste.

An English Educator writes from Lagos 08034786925 (SMS Only)

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