Parenting Blues 2


Wonders shall never end in this world that we live in, especially in Nigeria !  A lot is happening that calls for the attention of every stake holder in Nigeria.

The educational sector in Nigeria is fast becoming a breeding ground for the dearth of morals, one begins to wonder, a world of accolades, achievements and awards without morals: love for one’s neighbour, classmate, roommate, show of empathy and care is  equivalent to a monstrous life.

It may interest you to know that we, parents are fast losing our grip on our number one priority ; our children. All in the name of work? Or is it socializing with our friends?  We, parents have relinquished the training of our children; the leaders of tomorrow to nannies and above all, technological tools such as the smart phone and digital television. We seem not to have the time or enjoy spending quality time with our children, counseling and talking to them about virtues as well as the consequences of vices.

Dear parents, when was the last time you spoke to your child or children on the essence of being a loving human being? By the way, are you loving? How do you treat your wife? How do you treat your husband? How do you treat your domestic staff? Our children learn more from our actions than our words. Dearly beloved parents, do you yell at wife, your husband, your domestic staff, your employees? Then, permit me to say that you are a bully. Do not expect anything less from your children as they will do the same to their siblings, classmates, juniors and who knows who.

For goodness sake, what kind of future do we expect from these children, if we do not train them well with moral instructions, financial instructions, academics and fervent prayers? We, as parents, will our children give us joy in our old age? No wonder the Proverbs of Solomon says in Proverbs 10: 1_2: ” A wise son makes a glad father,but a foolish son is a sorrow to his mother.”

Parents make your children your friends; let there be a cordial relationship between you and them, so that they can confide in you at anytime, without fear of being shut down. Encourage your children to be vocal and not secretive and never, to allow any form of threat from any one to seal up their mouths from speaking out. Read your children from a far, watch their moods, watch their steps, you will definitely see warning signals if your child is being bullied, molested or threatened. Then attack quickly, before you lose your precious child to the cold hands of death or to the devil.

School owners, your school is meant to be a haven, in case you have forgotten, please check up the definition of the word_ school. The students are not only there to learn academically, they are also there to learn morals. Revive the counseling department in your schools, as a matter of fact to address sensitive issues such as bullying, cultism, homosexuality, smoking,truancy and the likes. They are there to have a holistic education, so that in future they will not end up like the Ebonyi State Professor, who raped a twelve year old girl and several others, who have disgraced their parents, families and alma mater. The students in your school should be disciplined, courteous, godly and kind to their fellow students. Any parent who does not believe in your ideology should withdraw his or her child . School owners,money should not be the yardstick but, the future of every child in your school as they reflect the image of the school.

Enough of this malady, that is going on currently in most schools, the teachers should be empowered to do their job without fear of being harassed or arrested by parents.

My condolences to the Oromoni family,who lost their son Sylvester Chidalu Oromoni ,an inspiring pilot, to the bullies in Dowen College, Lekki, Lagos. May his death not be in vain in Jesus name, Amen.

Jane Ikegulu is the CEO of Jane Ikegulu Educational Consulting, an educational service provider which promotes oracy, self development as well as provides counseling sessions for female secondary school students on the need to be virtuous, confident and assertive. She is a lover of children and youths as she so much believes in their capabilities.


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