Pantami kicks against planned implementation of 5% excise duty in telecom sector


The minister of communications and digital economy, Isa Pantami, has kicked against the federal government’s plan to implement a five percent excise duty on telecommunication services in Nigeria.

He spoke on Monday at the maiden edition of the Nigerian Telecommunications Indigenous Content Expo.

Speaking on the development, Pantami faulted the timing and process of imposing the tax on the industry, arguing that part of the responsibility of responsive government is not to increase the problems of the citizens.

He further advised the government to widen its tax net to other sectors that are not contributing to national development as much as the telecoms sector.

“I have not been contacted officially. If we are, we surely will state our case. The sector that contributes to the economy should be encouraged,” Pantami said.

“You introduce excise duty to discourage luxury goods like alcohol. Broadband is a necessity.

“If you look at it carefully the sector contributes two per cent excise duty, 7.5 percent VAT to the economy and you want to add more.

“The sectors that are contributing to our economy today are few. What we should be doing is to ensure that all other sectors can also contribute.”

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