North Korea’s Kim suspends military plans against South


North Korea has suspended plans for “military action” against South Korea after a meeting presided over by leader Kim Jong Un.

State media reports that the Central Military Commission made its decision after taking what it called the prevailing situation into consideration.

Political tensions between the two Koreas have been rising in recent weeks prompted by defector groups in the South sending propaganda across the border.

North Korea claims the campaigns violate an agreement between the two aimed at preventing military confrontation and has accused them of insulting the dignity of North Korea’s supreme leadership.

Last week, North Korea blew up a joint liaison office on its side of the border, declared an end to dialogue with South Korea, and threatened military action.

The moves included re-entering areas of the North that it had withdrawn from as part of inter-Korean projects, restoring guard posts in the Demilitarized Zone that forms the border, and stepping up exercises.

South Korea’s Yonhap news agency also cited unnamed sources saying the North also began removing loudspeakers on Wednesday from border areas, which they had started setting up just two days ago to broadcast anti-South propaganda.

In addition, according to Seoul’s unification ministry, which handles relations with the North, Pyongyang’s propaganda outlets equally deleted online articles critical of South Korea.

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