NIS rescues 453 victims of human trafficking


The Nigeria Immigration Services (NIS) rescued no fewer than 453 victims of human trafficking and child labour as well as arrested 78 human traffickers in 2018.

According to a report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), NIS also generated N39.06 billion as revenue in 2018 as against the N35.72 billion revenue it generated in 2017, representing a positive growth of 9.34 per cent.

The report also noted that a total of 423 victims of trafficking in person and smuggling of migrants were re-united with their respective families and 209 irregular migrants were also intercepted in 2018.

Of the 453 victims of human trafficking and child labour rescued, 163 were rescued in Oyo State alone being their highest number for the year followed by Katsina and Kano states with 94 and 58 respectively.

“The NIS generated N39,061,098,079.50 in 2018 as against N35,724,482,338.96 local revenue generated in 2017. This represents a positive growth of 9.34%. “The Immigration Statistics for 2018 reflected that a total of 1,011,158 passport applications were received in 2018 as against 720,958 received in 2017.”
“A total of 185,657 passports were issued at the foreign missions in 2018 as against 152,163 issued in 2017 while the number of visa issuance at the foreign missions was put at 120,697.”
“This represents 4.82% positive growth. “A total of 4,529,153 international travellers movement was recorded across all Nigeria borders in 2018 as against 3,715,268 in 2017. This represents a 21.91% positive growth,” the report stated.

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