Nine missing in Indonesia boat mishap


At least nine fishermen are missing in Indonesia after their boat capsized off Sumatra island.

Their vessel sank Monday after it was hit by bad weather and high waves off the island’s northwestern coast.

Rescue efforts have been unfruitful as poor conditions hamper the search for the missing persons.

Local officials say they haven’t found any trace of the fishermen’s whereabouts so far.

The accident happened several days after a boat carrying 16 fishermen capsized near the Anak Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait, which separates Sumatra and Java islands.

Nine of the fishermen have since been found alive while seven more are still missing.

Maritime accidents are common in Indonesia due to lax safety standards. In January, 10 people went missing after a boat carrying 20 migrant workers to neighbouring Malaysia capsized off the coast of Sumatra island.

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