Nigeria not a testing ground for Moderna vaccine – Lai Mohammed


The federal government has dismissed reports that Nigeria is being used as a testing ground for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

On August 1, Nigeria received over four million doses of the Moderna vaccine donated by the US government which is scheduled to be rolled out on August 16 but some Nigerians have expressed doubts over the safety of the vaccine, especially after the rollout date was postponed.

Speaking during an interview on Wednesday, minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed, described the speculation that the country is being made a testing ground as “baseless, unscientific and deliberate attempt to dissuade people from taking it’’, while stressing that the Moderna vaccine is safe.

“Nigerians are extremely futile in imagination. They will make statements that are baseless and not proved by science,” he said.

“Those who are saying this, is Nigeria the only country where Moderna vaccine is being administered?  the answer is No.

“They should stop this nonsense, because this kind of fake news is capable of discouraging people from taking the vaccine,” the minister said.

Mohammed asked Nigerians not to be dissuaded by the rumour, disinformation and fake news on the vaccines.

He asked Nigerians to come out and take it when the second batch is rolled out on August 16.


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