Nigeria losing $1bn annually to malaria – Reps


The House of Representatives has revealed that Nigeria was losing over $1 billion to the fight against malaria annually.

At the plenary on Wednesday, the House unanimously adopted a motion jointly sponsored by three of its members, Benjamin Kalu, Yusuf Sununu and Abubakar Dahiru, titled ‘Call for Intervention in Nigeria’s Losses in the Fight against Malaria.’

In the motion, the lawmakers noted that Nigeria accounted for 27% of malaria cases and 31% of malaria deaths worldwide, with malaria killing no fewer than 200,000 Nigerians and afflicting 61 million others in 2021.

Moving the motion, Kalu said, “The House is concerned by a recent report from the Office of the Inspector-General of the Global Fund, indicating that the National Malaria Elimination Programme, NMEP, has fallen from a B1 to B2 rating within six months, which undermines Nigeria’s shot at accessing future grants and partnerships in the fight to eliminate malaria.

“The House is further concerned that the poor performance by NMEP has caused the World Health Organisation to neglect Nigeria in favour of Ghana, Kenya and Malawi for the rollout of the RTS-Sj AS01 malaria vaccine”, Kalu said.

The parliament is also investigating the Federal Government’s National Malaria Elimination Programme for allegedly breaching the country’s local content policy and importing mosquito nets without approval.

The joint committee is to report back within six weeks for further legislative action.

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