Nigeria listed among countries with highest doping risk from Olympics 


The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) have listed Nigeria and Morocco among countries at the highest doping risk by less than five months from the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 

The AIU which is the independent anti-doping watchdog for track and field, classified countries worldwide in three categories according to the level of doping risk to the sport, with category A posing the highest doping risk to the sport and category C the lowest. 

Morocco and Nigeria are listed in Category A alongside Bahrain, Belarus, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Ukraine. Russia has been banned over doping since November 2015. 

In 2019, the Nigerian athletics federation failed to report on compliance as a category B country, according to the AIU.  

“This very serious situation motivated the AIU board to move Nigeria into category A,” it said. 

In Morocco, the AIU said that, despite significant efforts, “a number of national-level issues have not been addressed”. 

“The doping threat in Morocco remains acute and the AIU considers that more needs to be done to address the threat, where applicable, with the support of the relevant Moroccan authorities.” 

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