NGF: Governors to adopt measures to counter insecurity


The Nigeria Governors Forum in reaction to rising insecurity in parts of the country after an emergency meeting early on Thursday has agreed to adopt a number of measures to address the nation’s security challenges.

Speaking on behalf of the governors, the NGF Chairman and Ekiti State governor, Kayode Fayemi said the NGF, undertook a comprehensive review of security challenges across the country, identified the various elements of insecurity in the nation and agreed to adopt broad measures to ensure the protection of lives and property.

Some of the measures include increased funding for security agencies, strengthening the National Livestock Transformation Plan by adopting modern grazing and livestock management approaches and reviewing the nation’s forestry management and environmental laws to ensure effective management of the nation’s forest resource.

Fayemi also said the governors, would not tolerate ethnic profiling of crimes.

“Governors are totally opposed to ethnic profiling of crimes. Knowing what has transpired in other parts of the world, we do not believe that crimes are associated with particular ethnic groups, and to that extent, we unreservedly condemn any attempt to profile any ethnic group on account of a particular crime,” Fayemi said.

The governors also vowed to provide financial support to victims of the security crises in affected states, as they commit to greater protection of the lives of citizens.

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