New Pfizer Results: Vaccine is 95% Ready with no safety concern


Pfizer and BioNTech have announced that their complete experimental vaccine shows 95% effectiveness without any safety concern. The companies say their experimental covid-19 vaccine appears to protect 94% of adults over 65 years old.

The companies plan to move forward with their application for emergency use Authorisation from the US Food and Drug Administration in few days time.

The FDA had imposed a requirement on Covid-19 vaccine makers of having at least two months of follow-up with volunteers after their second dose, taken 28 days after the first, in order to ensure the drugs are safe.

The data available shows about 41,000 people around the world who have received two doses of the vaccine and no safety concern has been raised.

The recent development came with the recent surge of COVID 19 cases in the US and other parts the world.


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