New COVID-19 vaccine shows 95% efficacy


US-based biotech company, Moderna, has revealed impressive results from phase 3 trials of its COVID-19 vaccine.

Early data released by Moderna on Monday, and based on 95 patients with confirmed COVID-19 infections, found the candidate vaccine has an efficacy of 94.5%.

The results follow similar results from Pfizer, and add to growing confidence that vaccines can help end the pandemic.

In the trial, 90 of the patients received the placebo with the remaining five the vaccine.

Moderna says it is a “great day” and they plan to apply to the US regulator, the Food and Drug Administration, for emergency-use authorisation in the next few weeks.

The vaccine is however not expected to be available outside the US until next year.

The biotech firm said it would have 20 million doses ready to ship in the US before the end of 2020 and hoped to manufacture 500 million to one billion doses globally next year.

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