Nearly 100 injured in Afghanistan bomb attack


A suicide attack outside a police station in the Afghan capital Kabul on Wednesday has wounded at least 95 people, including women and children.

“Again a Taliban suicide attack in Kabul targets a civilian area that resulted in harming of so many innocents,” Sediq Sediqqi, a spokesman for President Ashraf Ghani, said on Twitter.

Interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said the bomb went off during the morning rush hour when a vehicle was stopped at a checkpoint outside the police station.

A health ministry spokesman said the wounded people have been taken to hospitals.

The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack, confirming that a “recruitment centre” had been attacked by one of their suicide bombers.

“A large number of soldiers and police were killed or wounded,” the militant group said in a statement.

Government security officials said they were searching the scene and expected to update casualty details later.

The blast comes a day after the Taliban called for a boycott of a Sept. 28 presidential election and threatened to disrupt election rallies.

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