My father’s wishes have come to pass – New Kano emir


The newly appointed Emir of Kano, Aminu Bayero said the wishes of his late father, Ado Bayero, have come to pass as first-class Emirs.

The emir said this on Wednesday at the government house shortly after he and his brother, emir of Bichi, received their letters of appointment from Abdullahi Ganduje, the state governor.

He was reacting to Governor Umar Ganduje’s comment on Wednesday that he had made history by appointing two blood brothers, Aminu Bayero and Nasiru Bayero as Emirs of Kano and Bichi respectively.

Ganduje made the remark while presenting appointment letters to the newly appointed Emirs at the Coronation Hall, Kano State Government House.

“This is the first time in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa where two brothers are receiving appointment letters as first-class Emirs in the same state. They have indeed inherited the good work of their late father, Ado Bayero, who served as Emir for 53 years,” he said.

In his remark, the new Emir of Kano promised to be respectful, loyal and obedient as they were taught by their late father, Ado Bayero.

He stated, “We trust in God’s judgment, we believe everything has its destiny and time and today it has come to pass.

“I recall my late father instructed us to embrace patience, loyalty to constituted authorities and be dependent on Allah for everything.

“He also told us to be just and fair to people so that God will be just and fair to us in the hereafter.

“On this historic day, I will say these wishes of our late father have come to materialise.”

In his remarks, the Emir of Bichi urged the state government to create job opportunities for the teeming number of unemployed people in the state.


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