Multichoice to lay off 1,790 workers


Multichoice says it would cut at least 1,790 jobs at its call and walk-in centres because more subscribers opt to reach them online.

In a statement released by the company on Friday, MultiChoice says they would restructure their customer service model to suit the evolving behaviour of their 15-million strong subscribers, and have begun ‘a consultation process’ to do so.

MultiChoice Group CEO, Calvo Mawela, said: “This has not been an easy decision to make but, in a business driven by advancing technologies, we must continue to drive efficiencies yet be agile enough to adapt to evolving customer needs to ensure that we remain relevant, competitive and sustainable.”

The company added that it would create new job opportunities for multiskilled staff who have expertise, skills and technological abilities to enhance the customer experience.

It said it would offer voluntary severance packages and other benefits for affected staff as part of a comprehensive support programme, in agreement with unions and employee representatives.

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