Morocco launches fleet of drones to tackle coronavirus


Morocco has expanded its fleet of drones as it battles the coronavirus pandemic, deploying them for aerial surveillance, public service announcements and sanitisation.

Earlier, restrictive regulations limited civilian drones to specific applications such as filming, agriculture, monitoring solar panels and mapping but that has changed rapidly as the novel coronavirus swept across the world.

In recent weeks, authorities have employed drones to issue warnings, identify suspicious movement in the streets and disperse illegal rooftop and balcony gatherings.

Like most countries, Morocco primarily uses imported Chinese drones. But the emergence of new applications linked to the pandemic is also driving local production of specialised aerial vehicles.

Morocco closed its borders early and tasked law enforcement with imposing strict confinement measures on the population.

Authorities say the measures have limited transmission of the virus, with 5,053 COVID-19 cases reported including 179 deaths and 1,653 recoveries since the crisis began.

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