MonkeyPox: Nigeria records 10 new cases in 7 days – NCDC


The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, (NCDC ) has recorded 10 additional monkeypox cases in the last seven days in the country.

The NCDC disclosed this via its official website, in its latest monkeypox situation report released on Friday.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the situation was unlikely to escalate into a full-blown pandemic.

But, there are now more than 1,000 confirmed infections, in nearly 30 countries where outbreaks do not usually occur.

Countries including Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States have begun implementing a strategy called ‘ring vaccination,’ to try to halt the spread of the virus.

This involves administering smallpox vaccines — which are thought to be effective against monkeypox, because, the viruses are related to people who have been exposed to monkeypox through close contact with an infected person.

The NCDC said the 10 new cases were reported in epidemiological week 22, from May 29 to June 5, in the country.

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