Millions still without sense of smell or taste after Covid-19


A new study has shown that around five percent of people who have had Covid-19 develop long-lasting problems with their sense of smell or taste potentially contributing to the burden of long Covid.

A lost sense of smell has been a hallmark of contracting coronavirus since the early days of the pandemic, but it has not been clear how often symptoms like this occur or how long they can last.

In a new study published in the BMJ, they found that six months after contracting the virus, four percent of patients had not recovered their sense of smell, while two percent had not recovered their sense of taste.

“Having these now millions more people worldwide with decreased ability to smell — that may simply be a new public health crisis,” Patel said.

Loss of smell was one of the most distinct markers of Covid-19 in the pandemic’s beginning days.

“You could track the pandemic across the globe” by analyzing Google searches about smell loss, Patel said.

The BMJ analysis gives a broad review of smell studies across the world and over time. Data from nearly 3,700 patients was included in the analysis.


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