Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023: Groups Launch Campaign To End Period Poverty In Nigerian Schools

Women groups in Nigeria have joined their contemporaries the world over to commemorate the Menstrual Hygiene Day 2023 with the theme: “Making Menstruation A Normal Fact Of Life By 2030.”

They look to delve into the repercussions of poor menstrual hygiene on women’s health and practical tips to enhance hygiene practices.

To mark the day in Abuja, Women in Energy, Oil and Gas (WEOG Nigeria), Pad Up Africa, PENGASSAN Women Commission (Kaduna Zone), Shield Girls2Women Initiative and other critical partners embarked on a Menstrual Hygiene Walk/ Campaign to End Period Poverty In Schools.

The Walk which commenced at Jabi Lake Park and tailed off at Jabi Lake Mall saw the Campaigners, mostly girls of secondary school age, chant and dance while also displaying placards with various inscriptions to underscore the need for suoply of menstrual pads to schools as well as erase the myths behind menstruation.

Speaking at the event, the Director, National External Relations, Women in Energy, Oil and Gas, Nigeria, Hasiya Hassan Audu highlighted the essence of Menstrual and general hygiene, insisting that it promotes a healthy attitude towards menstruation and enables girls and women to manage their periods with dignity and confidence thereby building healthy leaders of tomorrow.

” There is need to sensitize the girls on menstrual hygiene because it’s a healthy child who would grow up to become the future leader of tomorrow.

Giving insight on the Menstrual Tracker titled “Menstrual Book”, Hasiya explained that the Educational tool is a Perfect Gift to Welcome A Young Girl To Womanhood

“The Menstrual Cycle Book would allow the Girl To Learn About Menstruation and To Track Period Symptoms, Mood, Blood Flow, and Energy Level so she can stay on top of unexpected surprises.”


Ashley Lori, the CEO of Pad Up Africa spoke about debunking the myth around Menstrual stigmatization of girls as well the need for setting up more menstrual banks in schools.

” This is our third edition for Walk4Pad. Its an annual programme where we debunk the stigmatization against menstruation and solicit for sanitary pads in schools and public places.”

The National Chairperson, PENGASSAN Women Commission, Ada Mbanaso added that promoting period positivity among the womenfolk is non-negotiable as most of them are still shy to discuss personal hygiene and improved living culture.

Also in her capacity as the Chairperson, PENGASSAN Women Commission, Kaduna Zone, Yetunde Adelakun-Rufus, emphasized that a step to Menstrual hygiene is a step to better health

“We are urging Government and well meaning Nigerians to contribute towards equipping the girl child with Menstrual materials and sanitary pads as well as potable water supply in schools to ensure that hygiene is maintained.”

The representative for SHIELDGirls2Women Initiative, Hannatu Ojirobe spoke about the need for the girls to be aware that it’s a natural phenomenon to experience their menstruation and that should in no way, affect her self esteem and normal functioning as a human being.

The high point of the day at the Jabi Lake Mall was the distribution of Menstrual Books and Sanitary pads to the girl-children and the general public.

This aims to educate them on menstruation, their menstrual cycle, Menstrual hygiene tips and how to note observations to quickly track any anomalies that would necessitate the need for them to seek medical intervention.

Beneficiaries of this End Period Poverty Campaign were GSS Gwa-Gwa, GSS Idu-Koro, GSS Mabushi and GSS Gwarimpa, all in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja.

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