Matawalle Receives Repentant Bandits, Calls For Appreciation Of Peace Initiative


Governor Bello Matawalle of Zamfara State has urged Nigerians to appreciate his administration’s peace and dialogue initiative in the quest to curb banditry and insecurity.

The governor noted this when he received another group of repentant bandits in the state late Thursday.

Governor Matawale believes his reconciliation and dialogue initiative is for the benefit of the country and not Zamfara State alone while insisting that not all Fulanis are criminals, the governor said some of them have been pushed to criminality.

Some of the weapons and ammunition surrendered by the repentant bandits include seven AK-47, two general-purpose machine guns, one rocket-propelled grenade launcher, several live ammunitions and anti-craft ammunitions.

As the government seeks to tackle criminality, more bandits have been surrendering their weapons and ammunition and embraced the peace initiative of the northwestern state.

On Tuesday, seven repentant bandits surrendered their weapons to the government and vowed to abandon their former ways.

They also welcomed the reconciliation process, released eight kidnapped victims who are mostly women.

The governor while receiving the seven repentant bandits and eight women who were kidnapped, thanked God for the successes recorded in the fight against banditry in the state.

One thought on “Matawalle Receives Repentant Bandits, Calls For Appreciation Of Peace Initiative

  1. AvatarAbraham Zillion Airs


    First and foremost, seek ye first the kingdom of God in his holiness and righteousness and we shall have it all we so desire. AMEN.

    In the time past, we were told that we are the leaders of tomorrow and as such we should hold steadfast to the light of EDUCATION and its benefits that sharpens the direction of man and his society. Many have been the case of developed countries, developing countries and even most recently under developing countries that took the bull the horns long after we got hold of our sovereignty.

    Our course is bitter like the tiger chasing a mere tortoise that ends up playing with the claws and teeth’s of the dangerous tiger and unfortunately most wild animals. I cried with the news of murdered fathers land oh mothers land as well. I am devastated about the origin of my country and science MEN came with its complexities of varieties of weapons of mass destruction, yet “Black n Back” from the Neanderthals world. Where are the Changes? Where are the Future Leaders that came from yesterday?

    I will have to choose my weapon to be education in arts and creativity and use my honest words to tell Nigerians and the world at large precisely Africans about who we are and what we have become. Everyone on this page has the free will to write his or her hard copy Letter to Nigerians and the Nigeria Government its heart felt stories and pain.
    This is our medium free of charge to tell the President, Governors Chairmen at L.G.A levels and all Elected by electioneering procedures into office to hold the people first before holding themselves into the wings of the eagle that fly’s so high without minding its nest it first slept before growing wings.

    We have been called “Lazy” by animals and humans yet strong beyond measure, surviving every trail that wants to end our lives. We stood with our two legs and even those with three legs are standing tall tirelessly over the evil that men are conformed to in the name of religious extremism in a diverse ethnicity with an out whacked pride of insubordination towards the power of the people by the people and for the people. Peaceful Protesters are wallowing behind bars and some starving drastically and dehydrated while Terrorists, Bandits and pioneers’ of evil vices threatening and their allies are CASHING OUT under a failed system of harmony. Where is the Change? Who are the Leaders of Today from yesterday?

    We are Nigerians in Nigeria, we are Nigerians in diaspora, we are Nigerians in the presidential villa and we are Nigerians in the streets. Anywhere you are as a Nigerian please write your letters now from Nigerians to the Government before history of the world in Our homeland is wiped away from the Universe.

    First let’s bring back our history in the past and most recent occurrences here on “Letter from Nigerians to Nigeria”. It’s now or never.

    “We Are Tired Of Waiting To Be The Future Leaders Of Tomorrow, We Want It Today And Now”
    Letter from Nigerians to Nigeria.

    Abraham Zillion Airs.


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