Mario Draghi Sworn In As Italy’s Prime Minister


Mario Draghi has been sworn in as Italy’s new prime minister.

The former European Central Bank took the oath of office before before President Sergio Mattarella in the ornate presidential palace in a ceremony broadcast live on television on Saturday.

Draghi’s appointment ends weeks of political turmoil triggered after Matteo Renzi withdrew his Italia Viva from a ruling coalition due to clashes over how the government was planning to spend the €200bn-plus that Italy is poised to receive from the EU’s Covid-19 recovery fund.

Renzi’s move led to Giuseppe Conte stepping down as prime minister.

Draghi managed to convince almost all of the country’s main parties to support his government, with leaders from the far-right League and populist Five Star Movement (M5S) adopting more moderate, pro-European tones in recent days.

There are huge expectations that the new prime minister will be able to reverse Italy’s fortunes. Among his first major tasks will be to accelerate a vaccination programme as Italy strives to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, which has so far left 93,000 people dead.

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