Macron issues warning to West Africa after Mali deaths


French President Emmanuel Macron says he wants West African leaders to provide clear answers as to whether they need France’s military assistance in tackling regional insurgency.

This follows the deaths of 13 French soldiers in Mali last week.

Anti-French sentiment has grown increasingly in West Africa with critics condemning France for failing to restore stability in the region.

At a news conference after a NATO summit in London, Macron said he could not accept accusations that Paris was in the region for neo-colonialist and economic reasons.

The French President added that he had invited the leaders of Mali, Burkina Faso, Chad, Niger and Mauritania to a summit in France on Dec. 16 to discuss the issue.

Macron noted that the response he gets from the talks will determine if French troops will continue with its counter-insurgency operations against Islamist militants in West Africa.

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