Are you male and you are from the ages of ten to twenty-five years of age? This article is a must read for you.

Being a male figure is one of God’s numerous miracles, however, it calls for a huge responsibility. You must have been told or you may be aware that you grow to be the head of the home. Mind you, a home is NOT a house. A home is where everyone looks forward to retiring to at the end of the day, be it, school, work, shopping or the hospital, it is a place of refuge.

So, you can imagine being the head of a home nobody looks forward to going back to. Why? Because mummy is unhappy and always in tears and the children live in fear, they even suffer from indigestion most of the time or have no appetite at all.  You, the head of the home is the reason behind your wife’s unhappiness and constant tears, you are the reason your children are not growing normally.

A lot of teen age boys and young men are often left to themselves while majority are misguided by those who should act as role models. They are fed with too many lies that flatter masculinity and damage womanhood. Lies such as : you are a man, you should never partake in any house chores, your sisters will cater to your needs now,then, when you get married, your wife will take over. A man is older than every woman and as such must be respected because he is the head of the home. Women and girls are beneath men and boys. No man is ever ugly as long as his pocket is money filled. Boys and men should never cry, if they do, they are weaklings. Boys and men are more intelligent than girls and women, as such, men should excel more and should be better paid than women in all ramifications.

Take a good look at what is happening in most homes today and you will discover that our fathers, who ought to be the head of the home are fast destroying their own homes with their own hands and with their actions.  They cheat on their wives, I hope you haven’t forgotten so soon the CEO of Super TV who was gruesomely murdered by his side chick,here in Lagos while his family was based in Abuja oblivious of his escapades. They are irresponsible; they do not provide their wives with feeding allowance, majority of them abandon the feeding and paying of school fees as well as house rent to their wives, yet, it is not as if they are financially incapacitated. A popular TV presenter of a now rested talk-show was quoted to have said that she filed for divorce from her Nollywood actor husband because he was so irresponsible, one would have to remind him severally about the children’s school fees which he wouldn’t pay afterwards. They are abusive: most men believe that being the head of the home means hitting your wife and even urging the children to hit their mother as well, a case study is Peter Nwachukwu, the late Osinachi’s husband.

Listen, young man, being the head of the home means you being a loving father to your children and a loving and caring husband to your wife just like Christ loves the church. You  must make submitting to you, very easy for your wife. For no woman would want to submit to an irresponsible, arrogant, abusive, unrealiable, lazy and a cheat of a man. Let’s call a spade a spade.

Young man acquire good manners now, be close to God, always pray to Him and ask the Holy Spirit for direction, study the Bible and do not follow what your friends or relatives tell you without thinking deeply about it. Read good books, it is a fact that most boys and young men hardly read books as they consider this feminine and a waste of time. Try reading inspirational and motivational books from reputable authors such as Steve Harvey, Joel Osteen, Bishop T. D Jakes, Brian Tracy, Joyce Meyer,Robert Kiyosaki and so many others.

Be courteous to people be it male or female and do not see the female gender as sex objects, learn to respect their feelings. I hope you haven’t forgotten R. Kelly’s case.

Remember that being a man; the head of the home entails that you are, according to Joyce Landorf , the author of Tough And Tender, What Every  Woman Wants In A Man, the decision maker,the spiritual leader, the exceptional listener, the wise gentleman and the gentle lover.

Be informed dear young man that tomorrow when you eventually become a father and a husband, ‘your children are watching, learning and soaking in your actions as a dad too.’

So, how do you think others will remember you when you are long gone from planet Earth?  Young man, do chew on that.


Jane Ikegulu is an oracy coach who trains and grooms young people as well as individuals on public speaking, she is also an editor and a writer who enjoys writing about the family and its challenges. 

An English Educator writes from Lagos 08034786925 (SMS Only)

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