Lebanon major roads reopen after PM Hariri resigns


Some major highways in Lebanon have been reopened on Wednesday, hours after prime minister Saad al-Hariri tendered his resignation. 

Hariri’s resignation speech on Tuesday came after supporters of the Shi’ite Muslim Hezbollah and Amal movements ambushed and damaged a camp in central Beirut. 

The strike was the most serious on the streets of Beirut since 2008, when Hezbollah fighters attacked the capital conflicting with Lebanese adversaries loyal to Hariri and his allies at the time. 

In the early hours of Wednesday, troops cleared one major route north of Beirut after briefly scuffling with demonstrators.  

The Ring Bridge in the center of the capital opened after troops negotiated with some protesters who were reluctant to leave, seeking the resignation of more authorities. Many protesters stayed on, but did not block the whole road. 

The army command said in a statement, that people had a right to protest, but it only applied in public squares. 

The main protest camp in a square in the center of the capital was quiet but was closed to traffic by security forces. 

Hariri’s depature pushes Lebanon into an unpredictable political territory. 

The protests have worsened Lebanon’s already serious economic woes and banks closed their doors on Wednesday. 

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