Lawmaker dies of Coronavirus in Iran


Another Iranian lawmaker has died from the novel coronavirus on Saturday.

Fatemeh Rahbar is the second lawmaker killed by the virus in Iran and one of seven politicians and government officials who have died in the outbreak since the country reported its first cases in mid-February.

The 55-year-old was a conservative MP and had recently been elected to the parliament from the capital Tehran, the agency said.

Rahbar was among the top candidates in Tehran for the conservatives, who overwhelmingly won February’s general election marked by the lowest turnout in the Islamic republic’s history.

Since the epidemic was confirmed in the country, it has been finding it difficult to contain the rapid spread of the virus, which so far has infected 4,747 people and killed at least 124.

Schools and universities have been closed, the country also suspended major cultural and sporting events and reduced working hours across the country to slow the contagion, which has spread to all of its 31 provinces.

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